Technical Features

"Giving everyone the opportunity to engage in sport, whether at professional or amateur level, and using the latest technology in the field of protective materials and sports performance, is the underlying philosophy that guides everything we do at GL SPORT® and sets us apart.®.

From the idea of developing a line of shin guards and protective masks that make lightness and extreme impact resistance their strengths, combined with the possibility of graphically personalizing the product. Shin guards, now are indispensable for footballers, have become the subject of innovation. Thanks to the technology and materials used by GL SPORT®, the shin guards are perceived by the footballer as a performing element and no longer a messy accessory for their movements (such as common plastic shin guards). The carbon fiber with which GL SPORT® shin guards and protective masks are manufactured is particularly suitable for this purpose as it is of the bi-directional type. This means that it can suffer shocks in any direction and direction, remaining intact. The padding is made exclusively with hypoallergenic materials and no harmful materials of any kind are used for the graphic customization. The entire production process was developed in order to ensure the best value for money to allow, even for those who do not practice professional sports, to wear the protections and shin guards of the champions. In GL SPORT® workshops the quality of MADE IN ITALY craftsmanship perfectly combines the latest technological discoveries in the field of 3D scanning and CAD-CAM modeling, creating a synergy between manual skills in processing, IT systems and quality of raw materials, which allows you to obtain products such as tailored protections and high-performance sports insoles. Even on the line of gloves and football shoes, the choice starts from an increasingly marked need, which is to have resistance, comfort and durability. Finding the perfect balance between these characteristics is the purpose for which our team works daily.